Our psychologists practice from evidence-based therapy interventions suited to individual presentations and needs.

Your psychologist will spend time getting to know you and will aim to tailor their approach based upon your needs. We aim to ensure that you are allocated to the psychologist that is the best fit for your psychological needs, and as such we will complete a brief phone intake prior to acceptance of any new referrals to the practice.

We take special care to protect the confidentiality and privacy of all our clients. Any information that we collect during your treatment is held securely in accordance the rules and legislation relating to our profession.

Please note we do not provide the following services:

  • Child or adolescent therapy or assessment
  • Family or couple therapy
  • Court reports or assessments
  • Work capacity assessments

Schema Therapy

If you have struggled with repeating negative cycles in relationships, burnout, chronic depression, longstanding anxiety or disordered eating patterns, then schema therapy may be of benefit to you.

Schema therapy is a medium to long term therapy approach which has been shown to be effective for individuals struggling with problematic romantic or family relationship dynamics, perfectionism, depression, addiction, unhelpful relationships with food or your body, and persistent negative self-talk. From our experience clients find this style of therapy to be empathetic and engaging, and that it offers them insight into their lifelong patterns of thinking, feeling and reacting.
Schema therapy consists of first identifying core schemas that you carry and have developed over your lifetime that now form templates for your thoughts/emotions/beliefs around others, self and the world around you. Schemas are triggered at times of stress and can lead to negative thoughts, painful feelings and memories of past experiences. To cope with these schema triggers we tend to use survival defence mechanisms such as avoidance, people pleasing or being perfectionistic. These coping methods usually make things worse in the long run, however we often fall into old patterns of using the same methods despite their cost. In therapy we challenge the parts of you that may be used as defences in life, in relationships, and even within therapy. Schema therapy differs from other types of therapy in that we focus heavily on working directly with difficult emotions in sessions – focusing on doing and experiencing rather than talking about issues.

EMDR Therapy

EMDR Therapy is an evidence-based psychotherapy which helps people understand how their issues and symptoms developed based on the difficult or traumatic experiences they have endured. In EMDR Therapy we work with your brain’s natural healing processes to activate old memories, and reprocess them – helping them feel less vivid, less distressing, and changing the thoughts and meaning attached to them. This therapy is different from typical therapies, in that we work directly with memories of difficult life events, and this is done in quite a structured and focused way. EMDR has a strong evidence base in the treatment of PTSD, and a developing evidence base in treating a variety of other difficulties including depression, OCD, addiction, and borderline personality disorder. For more information on EMDR, The EMDR Association of Australia provides a series of video clips and articles which describe EMDR here.

Supervision & EMDR Consultation

Logan provides clinical supervision to a variety of clinicians and organisations across Australia.

He can support individuals and organisations in providing mental health and substance use treatment services, including implementing trauma-focused treatment activities. Logan supports therapists training in, and implementing, EMDR therapy extensively, and also supports psychologists undertaking registration and registrar pathways.


For a standard 50-minute session the fee is $240.00. Payment details will be discussed within your first session.

Clients who are referred by their GP under a Mental Health Care Plan are eligible to claim a Medicare rebate of up to $131.65 per session for 10 sessions within a calendar year (or 40 sessions per year for those diagnosed with an eating disorder and referred under an Eating Disorder Treatment Plan).

Individual with a private health fund may be eligible for a rebate dependent on the cover under their fund, however this cannot be claimed at the same time as Medicare.

Please note that within EMDR extended sessions of 90 minutes may be required for processing. This will be discussed with you at the start of therapy.

Our Psychologists

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Clinical Psychologist &
Accredited EMDR Consultant

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Clinical Psychologist &
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